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American Retirement Crisis
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Addressing the American Retirement Crisis:

Retirees’ Voices Must Be Heard

The goal of the Alliance for Prosperity and a Secure Retirement is to represent those investing for their retirement and to advance constructive solutions to address the American retirement crisis.

We will help policymakers understand the long-term implications of politicizing pension funds and the importance of supporting policies that increase access to retirement and savings solutions.

Retirees and investors deserve to be heard when their future is on the line. Politics has no place in our pensions.

crisis in retirement

Concerns about retirement are high, with 87% of registered voters believing there is a retirement crisis in America.

workplace savers

Even worse, Americans are not prepared for retirement. Some 80% of registered voters say they’re not prepared, and 42% are not confident they will have enough money for their retirement years.

investments and retirement

The most important voices have been left out of current policy debates over investments and retirement.

Americans should have access to the maximum number of investment choices.

Investments have become politicized

Investments have become politicized

Sadly, investments have become a political weapon, with elected officials and regulators failing to consider the priorities of retail investors and pension funds. Growing retirement and savings through the capital markets should always be focused on achieving the best returns for retirement investors. Politics has no place in Americans’ investment decisions.

Coalition Principles 


Tell real-life stories of retirees and individual investors.


Oppose the politicization of pension funds, advocate for policies that improve retirement savings, and expand investment opportunities for hardworking Americans.


Increase general literacy about investment, savings, pension, and retirement policies to ensure sound financial and regulatory decisions.

Join us!

The members of the Alliance represent a wide array of industries with one common interest: safeguarding and strengthening Americans’ retirements.

The Alliance is a group of investors and experts supporting public policies that improve and strengthen retirement opportunities.

We support the freedom of investors to determine the best strategies for maximizing returns. To ensure that you, the investor, have a voice in growing your savings, the Alliance works to inform and educate policymakers, media, and stakeholders on policies that increase access to retirement and savings solutions.

Today, however, investment decisions are threatened by politics. Actions taken by many states have limited the freedom of the investor to determine their best strategies, while increasing costs and limiting returns. Additionally, Congress is considering policies that would have the same harmful effects. Politics has no place in the investment decisions of Americans.

“I invite you to join us so that your story can be shared. It is important that you are heard by those in Congress and state legislatures who are now debating your freedom to select the best investments for your savings and retirement.” 

– Tim Hill, President of the Alliance 

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