Amplifying the voices of retirees, pensions, and savers

This new coalition of retirees, savers and investors — the Alliance for Prosperity and a Secure Retirement, or APSR — will champion policies that improve and strengthen retirement opportunities for Americans. We support savings, investment solutions, maximizing returns, and increasing investment choices to help address the U.S. retirement crisis.

Investments have become politicized, with elected officials and regulators focusing their attention solely on asset managers. The priorities of retail investors and pension funds are missing from the debate.

Growing retirement and savings through the capital markets should always focus on the best returns.

There should be no politics involved in investment decisions. Americans should have access to the maximum number of investment choices at the lowest possible cost to create the greatest return.

We will work to help policymakers understand the long-term risks of politicizing pension funds and the importance of supporting policies that increase access to retirement and savings solutions.

According to research conducted by Public Opinion Strategies, 80 percent of voters say Americans are not prepared for retirement, and even more, 87 percent say there is a retirement crisis. Confidence in retirement savings is low, with just 26 percent feeling “extremely” or “very” confident they will have enough money for their retirement years.

The APSR is a response to this growing crisis in retirement confidence, and a way to amplify the voices of retirees and investors whose futures are at stake. We want to ensure they have a say in any policy debates over their investments and retirement.

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